Big Data and the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda

The volume of data in the world is increasing exponentially, and with it the opportunity to take on the many environmental, social and developmental challenges facing the world. In other words, big data represents a catalyst for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, as set by the United Nations (UN). The opportunity is there for governments, business, academia and civil society to drive forward this movement. And the UN is looking to be of enabling forefront of this movement.

Data Science & Online Dating

It’s one of the most notable features of e-commerce websites like Amazon: the recommendation engine. “Based on your purchasing history you might also enjoy the following books”. Data Science has been fuelling the advancement of these recommendation engines, increasing conversions to order. But while matching people to products is one thing, matching people to people is a different kind of endeavour – how successfully is data science informing online dating?

A visit at the Do Good Data conference

Corporations are becoming more and more aware of how the growing availability of data will impact and transform their business model. But also in the nonprofit world, data literacy and analytical capacity is a key factor.

Data Science & Real Estate

While online real estate platforms like immoscout24 in Germany employ large cohorts of data scientists, traditional real estate brokerage firms have been rather conservative in adopting more data driven approaches. But there is dynamism: We talked to Nathaniel Holland, Chief Research and Data Scientist of Houston-based NAI Partners, about how he is introducing data science into the sector.

Data Science & Ancestry

History is exciting, especially if we can relate to it. If our ancestors have been involved in any historic event, we are much more likely to attribute importance to this happening, develop a desire to know the details well beyond storytelling.

Detecting Topics in Tweets

Twitter is a widely used short message service. With 313M monthly active users, it is also an important platform for politicians to reach potential voters. It thus seems interesting to investigate how some of the most popular German party’s chairholders use their twitter account and if any differences between their tweets’ style can be detected.

Worüber twittern unsere Politiker?

Twitter ist ein interessantes Ökosystem. In Deutschland dient es vielmals als direkte Interaktionsplattform zwischen Politikern und Journalisten. Und so mancher Politiker hat sich mit unbedachten Aussagen auf Twitter schon selbst ein Bein gestellt.

#twitter, #datascience and the art of #riskmonitoring

July 2016 was one of those months, which underlined how highly volatile and unpredictably cruel the world is. Terrorist attacks in Nice (France), were followed by an attempted coup d’etat in Turkey, an amok shooting in Munich and another violent terrorist attack in the small Bavarian city of Arnsberg.

Data Science & the food industry

If one would search images on Instagram by content, pictures of food would probably come up in one of the first spots. Food pictures are a perfect example of how artistic and functional aspects intersect and their frequency and popularity is directly fed by its relation to everyday life.