Artificial Intelligence

Legal Tech: Wie wird die Digitalisierung des Rechts vonstattengehen? Noch haben wir die Wahl!

Nach der Kommunikationsbranche, der Wirtschaft und der Industrie hat die Digitalisierung mittlerweile unverkennbar auch das Recht erreicht. Dass diese Entwicklung nicht mehr aufzuhalten ist, bestreitet eigentlich keiner. Unklar ist, was genau passieren wird und wie lange es dauern könnte bis was auch immer, in welcher Form auch immer, eintritt.

The Power of Text

If one desires the excitement of taking public transportation on a frequent basis, one observation is common through the bench: almost everyone is on the smartphone, checking apps, social media and the news. As “texting” has become so common in our lives, the importance of “text” has steadily increased. Understanding text in all its dimensions is also the basis for conversational AI.

Why to be sceptical about the rise of AI startups

Barely a week passes without the announcement of yet another (seed) funding round for a startup, which claims to utilize “artificial intelligence”, “deep learning”, “machine learning” or “proprietary algorithms”. Algorithms, it seems, are at the core of almost all ventures these days – is that really the case?

Artificial Intelligence and Law

Legal hackathons are popping up with such increased frequency, one might think that the legal bar exam would by now include some mandatory tech section. That’s not quite the case yet, but academics and representatives of the legal profession are not tired to emphasize that after retail, insurance and banking, law is the next major sector to get disrupted by tech.

Bias, Bias, Bias

After some years of steady build-up, the hype around machine learning and AI seems to be back with full swing: Vicarious, a US-startup focused on developing human-level AI and backed by Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos has acquired more than $50m of venture capital so far

AI review 2015: Preparing for take-off

When Mark Zuckerberg posts something on Facebook – the very social network he founded – he is sure to not only have the attention of his 37 million followers, but of an even broader audience of the business, science and media community.

Hot topics: AI winter and climate change

When the parties of the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCC) will gather in Paris these days, finding an agreement on effective limitations for carbon dioxide emissions will be top priority on the agenda.