Data Science for Pharma – A Short Case Study

Open data in biomedicine is a gold mine that can strengthen innovation in pharmaceutical R&D. In combination with the right analytics, public data helps identify therapeutic targets and ligands, enhance clinical development, and boost portfolio management efficiency. The challenge is to purposefully integrate abundant and heterogeneous data scattered across data sources.

Navigating the Biomedical Data Landscape – Part II

Data science is revolutionizing pharmaceutical R&D; and knowing how to navigate the open data landscape is key to the revolution.

Navigating the Biomedical Data Landscape – Part I

Data science projects are successful when they produce actionable results over several years. Since databases constitute the foundation of those endeavours, their selection is highly strategic, and the biomedical field is no exception to that rule.

Connecting Data across Biomedical Databases

Open data in biomedicine provides a wealth of information scattered across a variety of databases.

The Power of Open Data for Pharmaceutical R&D

Biomedicine is a central driving force of the rise of big data. High-throughput screening and the increase of computing power have led to the generation of vast amounts of data, opening new avenues for analytics.

Choice Modelling in the Medical Context

A new medicine is granted market approval if clinical trials can show an acceptable risk-benefit profile compared to a control. The therapy’s safety and its efficacy against the treated disease are assessed through clinical endpoints, which embody the study’s targeted outcomes.

Connected OR: Interview with Gerd Schneider and Raluca Pahontu

Hospitals, emergency and operating rooms are crucial components of our healthcare infrastructure. For years, medical doctors have worked in the same environment. With the rise of technology, one of the oldest professions on earth is now bound to change.

Fitness & Data Science

If you took a weekend run through your favorite park a couple of years ago, you might have spotted an occasional runner with a fancy watch, tracking not only distance but also pulse.

“Structuring medical knowledge is not even that difficult”

Big data potential and data protection are not necessarily reinforcing each other. Especially in medtech, the vast promises of big data and data science are significantly constrained by patient data protection clauses.