idalab Talks

idalab seminar #8: Data Science meets art: Predicting bestselling books

Is there such a thing as “Bestseller DNA”? And how could it be revealed to authors, publishers or other interested parties? On March 2nd 2018, you have the chance to find out. In the context of the next idalab seminar, we will host a talk by Dr. Ralf Winkler, Founder and Managing Director of QualiFiction GmbH. QualiFiction is a young Startup based in Hamburg and Berlin, dedicated to Literature and Data Science. Their mission is to understand and extract the core characteristics that form a literary fiction text in order to predict the next bestseller that millions of readers will love.

idalab seminar #7: Next generation product search at Zalando using deep learning

On January 26th 2018, idalab will host a talk by Duncan Blythe, who is a Research Scientist at Zalando SE. He will give a talk on: Next generation product search in e-commerce using deep learning.

idalab seminar #6: Jeremiah Lewis and Edouard Malet from N26

On December 1st 2017, idalab will host a talk by Jeremiah Lewis and Edouard Malet from N26: ‘Lean’ Training Data: An Incremental Approach to Supervised Machine Learning.

idalab talks: Towards Scalable Fraud Detection – a journey from Sklearn to Spark

The new season of idalab talks, will begin on January 20th with Stanimir Dragiev and Tammo Krueger, who will discuss “Towards scalable fraud detection: a journey from Sklearn to Spark”. The talk will start at 4:00 pm.

From flow charts to neurons – structure and flexibility in dialogue systems

Several approaches could be considered while building conversational software, on a spectrum from hand-coded (flow charts) to completely data driven (seq2seq models).

idalab talks: “Explaining Deep Neural Networks Classification Decisions”

As part of the regular idalab talks, idalab will host Grégoire Montavon, who will discuss deep neural network classification decisions. The talk is scheduled for March 18, 2.30pm.