Scrum: Interview mit Gregor Groß

Wie arbeitet eine Firma in der agilen Hardewareentwicklung? Wir haben uns mit Gregor Groß von der alpha-board GmbH aus Berlin erklären lassen, wie er sein Unternehmen als effektiven Dienstleister etabliert hat.

Big Data in the Chemical Industry and the Need for More Use Cases

Wacker Chemie, BASF or Evonik – Germany’s industry is strongly rooted in the chemical sector. Described as conservative and slow-moving by many, the sector is prone for digitalisation and a more data-driven approach across various activities of the value chain.

“Data journalism is so much more than beautiful visualizations”

In this year’s US election primaries, Nate Silver’s Fivethirtyeight is providing a very fresh perspective on journalistic reporting.

Interview with Linus Bengtsson – Leveraging telco data in developing countries

Data from telecom operators is highly sensitive, but also extremely valuable.

“Structuring medical knowledge is not even that difficult”

Big data potential and data protection are not necessarily reinforcing each other. Especially in medtech, the vast promises of big data and data science are significantly constrained by patient data protection clauses.

“There is a fine line between potential benefits of data science and data privacy”

The potential and scope of social uprisings has been significantly enhanced by the rise of the internet and its modern communication tools.

For data science in international development, user feedback is essential

This winter, Europeans complained heavily about the absence of snow, making alpine skiing almost impossible in parts of the Alps.