How Parties can Leverage Data in this Year’s Federal Election Campaign

How predictable is voter behavior? Could big data really swing an election? The past US presidential campaign and the debate about the effectiveness of Cambridge Analytica have fueled the discourse about the role of data in election campaigning.

Cambridge Analytica: Beyond the Hype

The story immediately went viral: Big Data company Cambridge Analytica and its sophisticated psychographic models helped Donald Trump to secure the victory in the 2016 presidential election. The story played to all prevalent fears in the age of big data: privacy, microtargeting, behavioural steering. But now – with far less media buzz – the company admits that it was never really involved in the Trump campaign. What can we learn from this ‘scam’?

Detecting Topics in Tweets

Twitter is a widely used short message service. With 313M monthly active users, it is also an important platform for politicians to reach potential voters. It thus seems interesting to investigate how some of the most popular German party’s chairholders use their twitter account and if any differences between their tweets’ style can be detected.

Worüber twittern unsere Politiker?

Twitter ist ein interessantes Ökosystem. In Deutschland dient es vielmals als direkte Interaktionsplattform zwischen Politikern und Journalisten. Und so mancher Politiker hat sich mit unbedachten Aussagen auf Twitter schon selbst ein Bein gestellt.

Can data science help to mitigate rising populism?

If one headline were to describe the last months of politics in Europe and America, it would be “the rise of populism”. In the US, Donald Trump secured the GOP nomination without any substantial policy plan, and in Europe populist parties continue to shake up the political environment.

“Alternative für Deutschland” – a “new” political party for Germany?

The astonishing rise of the “Alternative für Deutschland” (AfD, translated: alternative for Germany) has shaken up the political establishment in Germany.

Three ways how data science can help to manage the refugee crisis

The refugee crisis has been one of the most prominent topics in world politics and media.

Less ideology, more tailored solutions: how data science reshapes political campaigns

Even though the U.S. presidential election is still months away, primaries are already in full swing.

DJ Patil, data science’s new ambassador

When you ask young U.S. graduates about their employer choice, you’ll hear all Wall Street and Silicon Valley. One employer, which is rarely named, is the U.S. government.