AI beyond pattern recognition #1: Interview with Christoph von der Malsburg

Today, the world seems enamoured  by the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. As of now, this largely amounts to powerful, yet predictable and widely understood algorithms for search and pattern recognition, that inspired the era of Data Science and Machine Learning. While the effects of these techniques are undoubtedly great and in many use cases their potential has yet to be unlocked, their capabilities are far from human cognition:

Hassle-free travelling: idalab teams up with DB Systel, DFKI and Door2Door for research project SIM3S

Using public transport can be a challenge. In case of disruptions, loudspeaker announcements are the critical source of information – but they can be hard to understand, even for native speakers. English translations aren’t always provided, except in bigger cities. Matters get even worse for handicapped or elderly people, because information about accessibility on the alternative routes is usually not available at all.