idalab seminar goes on vacation… and then: LIVE!

In this year’s seminars we learned about next generation product search at Zalando, the DNA of bestselling novels, and why it’s wise to stay at home when you’re sick. We delved into identifying optimum treatment options for patients with Precision Medicine, talking to SQL-databases using natural language, and dismantling the data-privacy dilemma with full homomorphic encryption, thereby bringing healthcare into the digital era. In September, we’re taking the talks to the next level:

We’re going live!

The Livestreams will be hosted on our Vimeo-Account and shared via Twitter, Linkedin and our Blog. Join the seminars from anywhere you are and comment in real time on what you’re seeing. The recordings of the seminars will also be made available on our Vimeo-Account after the event for you to rewatch or share.

We’ve greatly enjoyed each and every one of the past talks, as well as the lively discussions afterward, when our Arena turns into a lounge that never closes before midnight.

Talks we’re looking forward to

In August, the idalab seminar will pause to give us all a chance to enjoy some summer vacation. But in September we will get off to a flying start once again and feature talks on

– Brain-Computer-Interfacing and Machine Learning in Neurosciences
– Algorithm Ethics
– Algorithm Strategies for Privacy Preservation
– How to scale Machine Learning Pipelines

We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing from you in person and online.

See you soon!

PS: We recently founded the idalab seminar Meetup Group. Join us here and stay tuned to find out who’s speaking next and on what topic.


For those of you who haven’t heard of the idalab seminars: Every month, idalab hosts talks on Data Science, Machine Learning and AI to help boost discussion in the field and create a possibility for us and everyone who’s interested to gain new insights and pose questions.