idalab seminar #11: SELECT * FROM … natural language: databases, we need to talk!

Do you know the feeling? All you want is a break-down of last year’s sales numbers and suddenly you find yourself typing tedious heaps of SQL-statements, clicking through complicated dashboards or looking for the right number in an Excel sheet. The vast majority of decision makers has better things to do with their time. That’s why business intelligence software was originally born. But only 20% of users are actually coping with the solutions BI software provides. Instead, the BI team is spammed with ad hoc data requests. What if everyone had a personal virtual data analyst at hand?

2018: Now it’s time to rethink query languages! Computers are getting better at processing natural language and the young company devoted itself to one mission: Using AI and Machine Learning to let everyone query their data themselves, in plain English. The goal: Empower decision makers and free up business intelligence teams to have more meaningful impact beyond the legwork of writing mundane SQL.

Friday, June 22nd, 5 pm | doors open at 4.30 pm | Potsdamer Straße 68, 10785 Berlin | please register via email:

Find the presentation on SlideShare.

About idalab seminars: idalab seminars are open to all interested parties. Once a month, we invite scholars, data scientists, business experts and big data thought leaders to discuss their work, gain new perspectives and generate fresh insights.

After the talk, we invite you to stay for drinks. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

About AskBy

AskBy was founded in July 2017 and is backed by VC Paua Ventures and renowned business angels. AskBy’s vision is to make data analytics as easy as ordering pizza, by building a virtual data scientist for their client that is perfectly suited to individual needs. The virtual data scientist’s job is to answer data & analytics related questions, create charts automatically upon request and recognize patterns for the user’s most important KPIs in order to enable a better understanding and faster triggering of data based decisions.

One of AskBy’s clients, Webtrekk GmbH from Berlin, is among the biggest web analytics companies worldwide. In cooperation with AskBy, Webtrekk provides a natural language interface for its enterprise customers in the EU, giving them access to their data faster and more convenient.

The AskBy-Team currently consists of Hans Ritschl (BizDev & Sales), Sajagan Thirugnanam (AI trainer & marketing), Jan Saputra Müller (AI creator & tech) and Stefan Matting (AI creator & involuntary DevOps developer).

Jan Saputra Müller studied computer science and mathematics at TU Berlin, where he also started to work in the Machine Learning group in 2008 – first as a student researcher, later as a full research scientist. Afterwards, he worked at idalab as a data science consultant. As a co-founder of, he leads the neural network model development and other machine learning related topics. Jan has loved coding and maths since he was a kid and is especially fascinated by Bayesian modeling, recurrent neural networks, signal processing and geometry.