idalab seminar #5: Canonical Trends: Detecting Trend Setters in Web Data

On August 14th 2017, Felix Biessmann gave a talk at idalab about “Canonical Trends: Detecting Trend Setters in Web Data”. The talk was based on a paper that Felix has written in 2012, together with Jens-Michalis Papaioannou (TU Berlin), Mikio Braun (TU Berlin), Andreas Harth (Karlsruhe Institue of Technology):

Much information available on the web is copied, reused or rephrased. The phenomenon that multiple web sources pick up certain information is often called trend. A central problem in the context of web data mining is to detect those web sources that are first to publish information which will give rise to a trend. We present a simple and efficient method for finding trends dominating a pool of web sources and identifying those web sources that publish the information relevant to a trend before others. We validate our approach on real data collected from influential technology news feeds.

Felix Biessmann works as an Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon.

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Feature Image via: Grandjean, Martin (2014). “La connaissance est un réseau”. Les Cahiers du Numérique 10 (3): 37-54. DOI:10.3166/LCN.10.3.37-54.