idalab seminar #8: Data Science meets art: Predicting bestselling books

Is there such a thing as “Bestseller DNA”? And how could it be revealed to authors, publishers or other interested parties? On March 2nd 2018, you have the chance to find out. In the context of the next idalab seminar, we will host a talk by Dr. Ralf Winkler, Founder and Managing Director of QualiFiction GmbH. QualiFiction is a young Startup based in Hamburg and Berlin, dedicated to Literature and Data Science. Their mission is to understand and extract the core characteristics that form a literary fiction text in order to predict the next bestseller that millions of readers will love.

Ralf is one of the founders and Managing Director of QualiFiction GmbH. He has previously worked at Zalando, where he took care of Data Science driven forecasting and pricing systems in the context of Zalando’s growing international retail business.

Here’s a short abstract of Ralf’s talk:

Content matters! Detecting the next bestselling novel that customers will love is a challenging task for many people within the publishing industry. Smart Data Science methods can be used to derive insights from an unknown fiction manuscript such as topics, sentiment or entities. Still, the question remains how the art of writing goes together with Machine Learning when it comes to predicting the chances of a text to become the next “Harry Potter” or future “Shades of Grey”. The QualiFiction team is happy to share their experience on these interesting challenges, both from a Data Science, Tech and business perspective.

The Slides to Ralf’s Talk can be found here.

The talk will start at 5.00 pm and will take place in our office at Potsdamer Straße 68. If you want to attend, please register via e-Mail:

After the talk, we invite you to stay for drinks.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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