idalab news: idalab teams up with DFKI and Deutsche Bahn in the DAYSTREAM research project (BMVI mFund program)

After becoming part of the SD4M (Smart Data 4 Mobility) consortium in 2016, we are proud to announce that we will participate in another 3-year research program, funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) as part of the mFund program.

In the DAYSTREAM consortium, idalab will work alongside The German Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (rms/RMV), Kassel University, and DB Mobility Logistics AG aiming at improving security and reliability in the mobility sector. Associated partners are DB Sicherheit, Motionlogic GmbH, Ubermetrics Technologies GmbH and Hessen Mobil.

The degree and complexity of mobility are constantly increasing in our society – as is our dependency on smooth operating of transport and traffic systems. Alongside with this dependency, the inherent risks of these amenities are growing, too. Concentration of huge numbers of people in means of transportation, on routes of traffic and traffic junctions, as well as the dependency of economy and the whole society on traffic systems, call for making the ensuring of safety and security a number one priority. Increasing availability of mobility relevant mass data, as well as improvements in scalable data analytics and machine learning, opens up new, powerful possibilities to encounter this challenge.

DAYSTREAM will focus on use cases in the field of traffic safety (e.g. deer paths, hidden queue warnings), safety (e.g. football tourist traffic), and reliability / quality of service (route congestion, motion pattern, holidays, weather, and so on).

DAYSTREAM will partly build on results and developed technologies of SD4M, since in both projects, the focus is on mobility. In SD4M, some sets of data from BMVI, all provided on BMVI platform MDM – Mobility Data Marketplace, were already used and linked with structured and unstructured data of other providers. In DAYSTREAM, however, the focus will be on security and reliability, hence making indexing and incorporation of further data sources, such as tweets, police reports, rail reports, weather data and so on, necessary. All the data refined in DAYSTREAM will be made available via the platforms of the BMVI, further enriching the capacities of the MDM.