idalab receives ODINE grant

We proudly announce having been selected for the 8th cohort of the Open Data Incubator Europe, the EU-funded program which supports the next generation of digital businesses and helps them to fast-track the development of their products.

The ODINE programme, supports European startups and SMEs in building sustainable businesses using open data, in the fields of geographical and data science, market and business intelligence, real estate, food provenance and agriculture, and in multilingual communications.

Open data is a new field, yet it is supporting a rapidly developing market for innovative business ideas. Startups and SMEs based on open data are creating a new ecosystem, using data to build sustainable businesses that generate economic, social and environmental impact. While idalab develops highly customized algorithms for use cases across various industries, we oftentimes stumble upon new, innovative methodologies which have disruptive potential in various fields of application.

The ODINE grant now allows us to focus on the productification of one of those methodologies. Together with the Stiftung Neue Verantwortung und Technologie Stiftung Berlin we are currently involved in a project to provide algorithmic optimization for elementary school districts in Berlin. Optimizing catchment areas along various dimensions is also an issue, which is highly relevant in the private sector, as retail companies continuously try to spot the best locations for new stores. For the next six-months, we will explore those use cases while benefitting from a strong network of fellow ODINE-companies and mentors.

If you would like to know more about our algorithmic optimization engine and its applications to your business, please get in touch:


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