UBS Planet Art: The Bloomberg Terminal for contemporary art

As the art world moves ever faster, becomes more global and fragmented, it is hard to stay on top of things. For that reason, Razorfish developed UBS Planet Art, a data-driven personalised news aggregation app which delivers the information that matters. Under the hood, idalab’s customised content analytics engine filters the 5% relevant content from 100+ sources and adds intelligent tags in real time using machine learning and natural language processing algorithms.



  • Fast and fragmented news landscape in contemporary art, slowly fading relevance of established news sources
  • Development of an intelligent unified information platform for contemporary art with high quality requirements
  • Large number of small but relevant sources, soft domain


  • Rapid concept refinement phase, bridging the gap between “big data & contemporary art” and data reality
  • Development of precise customised content filtering (~5% relevance in input stream) algorithms and intelligent tagging
  • Self-learning system based on continuous art expert input


  • “UBS Planet Art: The Bloomberg Terminal for Contemporary Art” (NY Times)
  • High-quality content stream, growing user base, currently developing features beyond content aggregation

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