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Machine Learning, AI & Data Office Hour for Startups


As machine learning and artificial intelligence transition from peak hype into mature productivity, they assume an increasingly integral position in the technology strategy of most startups in life science and health.

On the other side of the table, sophisticated investors demand robust roadmaps and nearer-term proof-points. Early-stage teams often struggle to navigate a highly fragmented data landscape and unfamiliar types of feasibility risks, while faced with an excruciatingly meagre pool of experts.

Yet the core tenets of success remain boringly unchanged: (i) high-quality data over complex algorithms; (ii) start simple, then expand; (iii) stay focused on working backwards from the goal and (iv) ultimately, it’s all about people. 

Our offer

  • 45 minute 1:1 discussion (a pre-briefing will pair you with the right expert on our team)
  • Free of charge for pre-Series A startups
  • Fully covered under NDA (PDF)

Whether you are a single founder putting together a team, a stealth venture, or a seed-funded startup getting ready for Series A, your specific needs interest us!

We are happy to support you chart a map of the ways ML/AI will help you succeed. In our 45-minute, 1:1 sessions, we cover everything from data, algorithms and strategy to communications, organisation and recruiting.

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Typical topics

Methodology and tech

  • Could this even work? 
  • How long does it take to build? What’s the first step?
  • Is this a practical algorithm – or just a fancy paper?
  • What’s the right kind of cloud architecture for our experimental setup?

Strategy, organisation and communication

  • What kind of team do we need to hire?
  • How do we position this in front of investors?
  • Is this a believable ML/AI roadmap? What’s missing?
  • Is there anything ML/AI-ish we should do?