Early spotting of rising artists through deep semantic realtime analysis of off-radar news sources

UBS Private Wealth Management

UBS is a Swiss multinational investment bank providing financial advice and solutions to private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide. It shares a passion for contemporary art with its clients, supporting artistic endeavours globally through its partnerships with leading cultural organizations and the activity of its art collection.


As the art world moves ever faster, becomes more global and fragmented, it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate for professional investors. Traditional gatekeepers and established media are being replaced by a vibrant ecosystem of new digital platforms, each with their own language and code.

This meant professional collectors had become heavily reliant on advisors, dealers and gallerists as powerful intermediaries. To bring them some clarity, UBS developed Planet Art: an AI-powered app able to scan, filter and categorize relevant information from the vast ocean of ambiguous signals.


An award-winning solution

The UBS Planet Art App has been featured at Art Basel 2014, 2015, and 2016 and won the Red Dot Design Communication Design award (2015).


Algorithms to read, index and rank information

Under the hood, our custom content analytics engine identifies the 5% of relevant content pieces, ranks for quality and adds intelligent tags in real time using machine learning and natural language processing.

The key components of the AI-Engine are:

  • Relevance filtering based on content analytics, source and author meta-data.
  • Precise intelligent tags for artists, styles and venues using deep semantic text analysis.
  • Continuous source and author profiling using expert input and user feedback.

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