Agency for Data Science

We give our clients the decisive advantage from data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Engineering of New Products and Research

We develop the engines that power innovative data products. At the frontiers of advanced analytics and strategy, we shape new perspectives for our clients’ products. We customise AI algorithms and mathematical tools to deliver the intelligence edge that will have an impact. Fusing creativity and accuracy, we make reliable predictions, perform effective optimisations, or reveal patterns of insights from data.

Process Improvement and Data-Driven Automation

We improve operations using machine learning. With the big picture in mind, we look for ways to significantly improve our clients’ performance. We deploy machine learning, mathematics, and AI where it matters, starting with the quick-wins and advancing towards the next revolution. Our work is guided by results from real field tests, which empower us to establish feedback-loops as early as possible.

Roadmapping, Assessment, and Strategy

We help our clients navigate the world of Big Data, machine learning, and AI. To do so, we chart a clear path accelerating the contribution of data and algorithms to our clients’ strategic vision. We discover and prioritise use-cases, assist in buy-vs-make analysis, find the right people to staff an in-house data analysis team, perform data science due-diligence, and partner in innovation programmes.

We combine deep mathematical expertise with strategic thinking and a passion for our clients’ success.


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