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Artificial Intelligence to address life’s biggest challenges

We support biotech, pharma and medtech companies harnessing the power of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence


Biotech Cloud Data Pipelines: Design, Implementation and Operations

We build the crucial data infrastructure enabling scientific discovery in petabytes of complex experimental data

Cloud native / Proven design patterns / Scalable, Open, Secure

Tailored Machine Learning and AI Solutions for Life Science and MedTech

We design, pressure-test and engineer intelligent algorithms: from accelerating drug discovery to powering next-generation medical devices

Gated approach to de-risk / Regulatory compliance for SaMD / Production-grade engineering

Advanced Life Science Data Integration and Knowledge Graphs

We connect, extract, refine, transform and expert-curate data from structured and unstructured sources to speed up insight and discovery

Extensive library of pre-connected data / Flexible user interfaces / Cloud-based delivery

Capability Development for ML/AI Teams: Assessment, Training, Coaching

We identify strengths and bottlenecks of ML/AI teams and offer tailored support to increase productivity

Fine-grained capability map / Flexible role model / Focus on business impact

Investor Communications and IPO Preparation for ML/AI Technology in Biotech

We develop and execute strategies for a differentiated external positioning of proprietary ML/AI technology and data assets in line with the overall narrative of our clients

Proprietary competitor landscaping approach / Realistic sustainable messaging / Tech-investor check

Machine Learning and AI Technology Strategy for Biopharma and MedTech

We identify, assess and chart out opportunities for high-value applications of ML/AI technologies synergising with our clients’ overall strategy

Proven framework / Proof-of-value / Transparent feasibility assessment

Custom Therapeutic Target Scoring Engines for Drug Discovery

We build data-driven scoring algorithms tailored to our client’s R&D strategy to narrow down from 20,000 to a few hundred targets

Transparent, rational, fast / Rich contextualisation / Collaborative approach

Artificial intelligence starts with human intelligence

The team

Technologists, biologists and strategists. Or more likely a mixture of all three. We’re a group of inventors, builders and big-picture problem solvers collaborating to bring AI to life’s biggest challenges.

Meet us

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Are you a creative mathematician, a detail-orientated strategist or a biologist looking beyond the lab? Many consider these as contradictory characteristics, yet it’s just what we look for.

Open roles

Office Hour for pre Series A Startups in Life Science and Health

Whether you are a single founder putting together a team, a stealth venture, or a seed-funded startup getting ready for Series A, we are happy to support you in charting a viable path for machine learning, AI and data technology to help you succeed.

In our 45-minute 1:1 sessions, we cover everything from data, algorithms and strategy to communications, organisation and recruiting.

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