Bring Artificial Intelligence to life’s biggest challenges

Become a creative leader at the intersection of technology, biology and strategy.

Who we are

Excel together

You deserve outstanding colleagues, hungry to learn and eager to teach. We believe in excellence through collaboration, not competition.

Apprenticeship to partnership

We believe the company is the people. We see the future co-owner in the Intern and support her all the way.

Mastering technology through strategy

Uncertainty and complexity is the nature of our work. And strategy the answer. You’ll learn to navigate the bigger picture while caring for the crucial details.

Challenges worth solving

We focus exclusively on problems that matter. And we seek to work in long-term partnership with the most forward-thinking clients.

Free to grow

As an independent team-owned company, we have the freedom and patience to pursue our long-term vision. No investors, no funding rounds, no exits.

Obsessed with learning

We only grow if you grow. Turning our knowledge, experience and habits into effective training is our obsession.


We celebrate the richness of the human experience. Your quirks will make us stronger.

Personal Responsibility

We trust you like a co-owner. The level of responsibility will be exhilarating at times, but soon you won’t be able to work any other way.

Clarity and structure

Creative work rarely emerges from chaos and confusion. We are relentless in creating an environment of clarity, structure and rigour.

Building together

We believe in collaborative organisation-building. You’ll get the trust and support you need to move us forward.

Profit sharing

Annual profit is shared equally among the whole team. Our salaries are fully transparent and benchmarked against industry standards.